State Managment Issues with Wizard Control

Feb 21, 2010 at 8:40 PM

Two observations using CkEditor to replace the use of an ASP.NET TextBox in a Wizard Control. First, whatever text is typed into the editor is lost when navigating from step to step. Secondly, selecting steps from the sidebar continues to force the Wizard to navigate to the step which contains the instance of CkEditor. This second issue is more important for me to discuss with others if I get lucky to get some attention on this matter.

For example a Wizard with let's say five steps and the CkEditor is used in Step3. Whenever clicking an item in the sidebar to navigate to Step1 the CkEditor in Step3 is loaded. When clicking an item in the sidebar to navigate to Step4 or Step5 the Ckeditor in Step3 is displayed.

When I comment out the use of CkEditor and revert to the ASP.NET TextBox the Wizard steps navigate as expected back and forth to what the user requested when clicking an item in the sidebar. How should I even start debugging this?