Editor Locks out

May 13, 2010 at 6:33 PM

Hi Guys I have a bit of a problem

my page is quite extensive as it will control the update of three websites one section of it i use the ckeditor for controllint the htl data to go up to the 3 site but unfortunately most of the time after a postback one or more of the editor will lock out, by lock out i mean i cant even click in it and get a cursor or expand the toolbar.

I have 18 editors in total I know that a lot but it is required as each product on each website has 3 tabs which pull in the html data, so that 3 x 3 but i also have a template in html which can be ediited and description will auto populate accross from that.

i have checked through the lifecycle and i am setting the content and it is there in savestatecomple, even unload i am bewillered about what is going on and why only some of the control will lock out, I am using a lot of ajax on the page but these controls are not nested within an update panel. the only ajax controls the are nested in is ajax tabs containers. Infact there are 3 tab containers parents for each editor control.

I managed to get it working with ajax control toolkit html editor but because there are so many on the page it takes like 30 seconds to load on our local network. which is not good as it will be used for doing multiple products.

Please help I have been back and for on this for months and now I am loosing my hair.

it may be worth noting that i my program will write to a text box

I then tried writing the value of the text box accross to the control with javascript but that did not work using document.getelementbyid('control.ClientID').value; but that did not work to the syrinx control but would work to a normal text box.

many thanks in advance



Jun 11, 2010 at 8:12 PM
Did you ever figure out what the problem was or did you get it to work? I am experiencing the same issue.